Alcone Company Powder Puffs - Large

Shades  | $2.25

Our classic round Powder Puffs are made of soft velour with a slightly cushioned design, allowing you to apply pressed or loose powder with an even finish. Large Powder Puffs are available with or without ribbon and can be purchased individually wrapped or in bulk by the dozen or a case. 


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product details

Large Powder Puffs measure 3 ½” in diameter so are ideal for setting makeup over more surface area of the face or body and for powdering appliances like bald caps and other prosthetics. You can also wrap them in facial tissue to blot away sweat more efficiently. Washable and reusable!

Compare Powder Puff sizes:
Comfy: 1 ½”
Medium: 2 ½”
Large: 3 ½”
Triangle:3" W x 3” H (at widest/highest points)

how to use

To set makeup:
Disperse powder and work it into the puff so it distributes the product evenly as you set makeup using a gentle pressing motion.

To blot sweat:
Cover Powder Puff with facial tissue, wrapping edges over to assure that none will irritate the performer's face or eyes as you work.