Alcone Company Triangle Powder Puffs

Shades  | $10.00

Our soft velour powder puffs now come in a new Triangle shape featuring a tapered tip on one side and a wider, rounded shape on the other. Available in a set of 3 or 6. 

Size: Base Width (at widest point) 3", Height 3".


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Alcone Company Triangle Powder Puffs are the latest addition to our collection of soft velour puffs, which includes the traditional round-shaped Large, Medium, and mini-sized Comfy.

This unique shape has a tapered tip for directing powder to precise areas, like under the eyes and around the nose, and a wider, rounded end for setting makeup on larger areas. It also allows for more strategic positioning for avoiding contact with the skin while steadying your hand during detail work like drawing brows or eyeliner. Washable and reusable!

Compare Powder Puff sizes:
Comfy: 1 ½”
Medium: 2 ½”
Large: 3 ½”
Triangle: 3" W x 3” H (at widest/highest points)