W.M. Creations Plastic Sealers

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Used for sealing wax and gelatin appliances. Available in different varieties based on the results and performance you are looking for. 

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product details

This product is a 95% alcohol based liquid plastic for use when sealing gelatin appliances and wax. Strongest when used over Pros-aide or Beta Bond. AVOID APPLICATION NEAR EYES.

Sealers, thinned with 99% Alcohol, may be used (stippled or sprayed) on skin to seal make-up bases. Sealers may also be used as a stretch and stipple over the skin in very humid climates. All sealers may be thinned with 99% Alcohol if necessary. 

Sealer A - Used to seal wax and gelatin appliances.

Sealer B - Stronger version of Sealer A, used to seal wax, gelatin appliances and as a sealer on the back of gelatin appliances to prevent moisture from attacking gelatin.

Soft Sealer - A softer version of Sealer A for use on very flexible skin areas such as chins, cheeks, and foreheads.

Extra Soft Sealer - Softer version of Soft Sealer for more flexibility.

Shiny Sealer - An unmatted version of Soft Sealer for use as a coating on skin to create a shiny surface. 

how to use

Remove with Isopropyl Myristate or  Super Solv.