Ultra Materials UltraSweat Wet Look Stuff Clear

Shades  | $60.00

For a wet look without eye sting.

UltraSweat is a thick clear gel that creates super smooth, wet-look effects on skin, hair, clothing, and sets. You can apply it directly to the skin or hair in a thick or thin layer, and it can be easily thinned out and washed off with water. Since this product doesn’t contain glycerin, it won’t sting eyes but it will dry out so not recommended for use on foam models.

If you need a product with added glycerin that will stay wet-looking or is safe for use on foam models, use UltraWet™ Wet Look Stuff.

Water-based. Non-toxic. For Professional Use Only.

Gallon and 5 Gallon sizes are available by special order.
Please call us for assistance at (800) 466-7446 or email info@alconemakeup.com

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