Ultra Materials UltraSticky Mask Adhesive Clear

Shades  | $110.00

Ultra Sticky is a clear mask adhesive that provides instant adhesion and painless removal. Use it to hold masks, prostheses, or costume accessories on skin or hair (it won't pull hair!). Use only on large items like masks. Not sticky enough for small items like mustaches.
For Professional Use only.

How To Use:
Spread about 1/16th inch of Ultra Sticky on masks. Place the mask gently on the skin without applying pressure.

Cleanup: Pull off mask. Wipe off the bulk of the adhesive with a dry paper towel. Use a wet cloth to remove the last little bit. Water-based. Non-toxic.

WARNING: May cause allergic reactions, though rare.

Gallon and 5 Gallon sizes are available by special order.
Please call us for assistance at (800) 466-7446 or email info@alconemakeup.com

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