Senna Micro Brow Tweezer

Shades  | $20.00

Designed by SENNA founder and brow expert Eugenia Weston, this sleek micro tweezer has an exacting slant tip that catches even those tiny, single hairs without removing the surrounding hairs. Its small shape ensures total control and a comfortable grip even for extended, professional tweezing sessions. 

UPC: 634571097017

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product details

Made of fine quality stainless steel for lasting precision. Comes with a protective holder.
Length: 3.5”


how to use

For best results, always tweeze in the direction of hair growth.
Sanitize tweezers by wiping clean with alcohol after each use.
To avoid over-tweezing, color in your brow shape with a pencil or powder before starting.
Then remove only the hairs outside of the brow line.


Stainless Steel