Silver Rain Studio Ice Fx™ Makeup Mega Mix Christmas Kit - 2pc

Shades  | $40.00
Ice FX Christmas Makeup Kit is designed to create a quick & easy FROZEN look. The kit comes with two jars; ICE GEL (4 oz.) and a jar of our special frozen mixture that contains large and medium ICE CRYSTALS, ICE POWDER, ICE FLAKES and GLITTER.
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So easy to use. Gently shake & mix the jars, as they may have settled. Apply a thin coat of the Ice Gel and sprinkle the frozen mixture over gel. Instantly adheres to Gel. Remove with soap and water or peel away.


Perfect for creating a Winter Wonderland- Santa, Mrs. Claus, Jack Frost and an Elf


Ice FX Makeup only looks FROZEN
Comfortable to Wear • Easy to Apply • Water Removable • Safe • Professional Quality