European Body Art Encore SKT Palette, Dark Adjuster

Shades  | $95.00

Encore Skin Tone SKT Palettes contain 10 alcohol-activated colors that provide exceptional skin-like results, coverage, wearability, and water resistance. The magnetic and refillable case allows you to customize, rearrange, and replace individual colors as needed. Additionally, each color pan consists of a lower profile border for easy entry when using wider brushes and sponges. Pan size: 1.5 x 1.5 inch pans (38 x 38mm).

Encore Skin Tone SKT Palettes require 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to activate colors.

UPC: 810029844925

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product details

Encore makeup delivers extreme durability, instant coverage and skin like results. The makeup doesn’t crack or lump, it goes on smooth and sets dry without any stickiness.

The EBA Encore Skin Tone Dark Palette comes with 6 medium to dark skin shades and four adjuster colors. The six Endura SKT Dark skin tones consist of three cool (RED) and three warm (YELLOW/OLIVE) shades that blend easily with other shades and adjusters to achieve neutral shades or other variations of dark skin tones. The 4 adjusters consist of red oxide, yellow oxide, burnt sienna and deep blue which can be used as color correctors or concealers to cover tattoos, sunburn, scar, veins, and skin pigmentations.

Includes 6 Encore SKT Skin Tone Dark Shades and 4 adjusters:
C 4, C 5, W 5, C 6, W 8, W 9, Rust Yellow, Deep Blue, Rust Red, Burnt Sienna

how to use

Activate colors using 99% alcohol and apply using a brush or sponge.