Cinema Secrets

Makeup Brush Cleaner Tropical Lemon

Shades  | $32.00

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner now comes in a new colorless formula with a refreshing tropical lemon scent. Just like the original, it easily removes build-up, including stubborn waterproof and long-wearing makeup, and dirt and oils from brushes. No water or rinsing is required and it dries in minutes.

How to use: Pour into the cleansing tin so that it will cover ¼ way up the bristles of your brush (the capillary action will draw the cleaner up). Quickly dip your brush tip into the solution, being careful not to immerse the bristles more than halfway, or oversaturate or soak. Remove and gently wipe clean with a paper towel or cloth. Repeat as necessary. Allow makeup brushes to dry completely before using.

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Ethanol, Naphtha, Hydrotreated Heavy, Orange Terpenes, Lemon Scent