Breakups to Makeup Alcone x Breakups to Makeup, Glitter Lovers Bag

Shades  | $26.00
The Alcone x Breakups to Makeup Glitter Lovers Bag is an ultra-sparkling silver bag with a zipper closure for organizing your cosmetics and tools.


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Breakups to Makeup is the indie brand known for stylish and fun accessories emblazoned with messages that champion self-expression and an intense love of makeup along with a good dose of humor like our Lipstick Lovers Bag collab. But we loved this super sparkling fabric so much that we made one for Glitter Lovers too. Meaning no words, just gobs of sparkle! 

It features a unique vinyl fabric with the glitter encased so it won't shed in your makeup kit, handbag, or suitcase. Use it to carry your favorite things–lipstick, eyeliner, palettes, brushes, smartphone–with style!

Vegan & Cruelty-free
8.5” W x 8” H