B3 Balm Complete Crystal Collection

Shades  | $170.00

The entire gorgeous Crystal Collection in a special value set!
The Crystal Collection includes:
- Rose Quartz Oil Cleanser to dissolve and remove dirt and makeup while promoting love, inner healing, and calming comfort.
- Fluorite Rejuvenating Facial Oil is an anti-inflammatory and protects against sun damage and prevents dryness while absorbing and neutralizing negative energy and stress.
- Tiger’s Eye Under Eye Oil de-puffs, reduces dark circles, and tightens while promoting mental clarity with the healing properties of the “stone of protection.”
- Amethyst Calming Oil Scent rolls onto wrists for a calming scent to bring down anxiety and calm your spirits featuring oils of Tangerine, Frankincense, and Lavender.
- Green Aventurine Rejuvenating Oil Scent rolls onto wrists for an invigorating scent to reduce fatigue and boost your mood featuring oils of Bergamot, Peppermint, and Rose.


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Rose Quartz Oil Cleanser: Castor Oil*, MCT Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Prickly Pear Oil,* Golden Jojoba Oil*, Rose Oil, Rose Quartz Fluorite Rejuvenating Facial Oil: Argan Oil*, Golden Jojoba Oil*, Prickly Pear Oil*, Safflower Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, MCT oil, Bergamot Oil*, Rose Oil*, Fluorite Crystal (CONTAINS TREE NUT: Argan) Tiger’s Eye Under Eye Oil: Argan Oil*, Chamomile Oil*, Frankincense Oil*, Lavender Oil*, Helichrysum Oil*, Tigers Eye Stone (CONTAINS TREE NUT: Argan) Amethyst Calming Oil Scent: Fractionated Coconut Oil*, Tangerine Oil*, Frankincense Oil*, Lavender Oil*, Amethyst Crystal Green Aventurine Rejuvenating Oil Scent: Fractionated Coconut Oil*, MCT Oil, Bergamot Oil*, Peppermint Oil*, All Natural Rose Aroma, Rose Oil, Green Aventurine Stone *Organic