Alcone Company Vinyl Bald Cap

Shades  | $36.00

Our Bald Caps are the professional's choice for creating bald head effects and can be seen on well-known TV, film and stage productions such as Saturday Night Live and The Blue Man Group. Made from vinyl plastic cap material the edges are easily dissolved with acetone to blend seamlessly against the skin for the most realistic effect.



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Bald Cap Sizes in circumference:

Small - 21.25in / 53.975cm
Medium - 22.50in / 57.15cm
Large 23.50in / 59.69cm
Extra Large 25in / 63.5cm

how to use

To apply, use an adhesive such as Telesis or Pros-Aide. Once the cap is glued down securely in all areas, dissolve the edges with acetone until it "melts' against the skin, pulling away any excess cap material while you work. Paint the cap with rubber mask grease, an alcohol-activated makeup or PAX Paint. You can also use standard cream makeup but must apply a sealer to the bald cap first.