FAQ For Products

  • How do I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes?
    Those dark shadows can overtake even the very best eyeshadow applications and perfect lipstick color, so covering them up is key. There are two products that are super popular in fixing this problem. The first is Kryolan's Dermacolor. If you want to try it, I definitely recommend the mini palette. It will give you 16 colors to blend to find the perfect shade. Remember to go a half a shade lighter under your eyes to make you look even more rested. Some customers find that this product, which contains wax, is too dry for that area (even when they use a moisturizer as a base). These customers like to use Joe Blasco's Orange Highlighter. The orange tint neutralizes the blue color. It is an easier formula to apply to that area. We recommend blending it with your foundation to find a more accurate color match.
  • What is the best way to tweeze?
    For best results, grip close to the root and pull gently in the same direction the hair grows. Occasionally wipe tips with alcohol to remove any residue from cosmetics or moisturizers.
  • I bought the Kryolan Interferenz Eyeshadow Palette and am having tons of fun playing with the colors
    Here are some suggestions for Kryolan Interferenz Eyeshadow Palette written by our general counsel of makeup artists.

    Use a light shade to highlight your browbone area, such as GOLD, ROSA or SILVER
    The lid area and outer corner is a great place to use the stonger, dark colors
    Try adding a light, playful color to the lower lash line such as, GOLD, G83G, 483G, 481G, I-079, and ROSA
    Try adding a darker color to the upper lash line such as, 825G, LILA2, 801G, 804G, ROSA, TURKIS, 511G, 071G, BRONZE, and SILVER
    Try highlighting cheeks with GOLD, 825G, I-079, ROSA, or BRONZE
    Streak color through your hair to add highlights
    Note: we do not recommend using creme eyeshadows in your crease line as they may cake and wrinkle.
  • How does a professional apply eyeshadow? I can never make it look that professional.
    Here are some general rules for applying eyeshadow written by our general counsel of makeup artists.
    Use medium shade colors in your crease line, making it increasingly darker as you move to the outer corner.
    The outer corner area is the best place to add rich color.
    Your browbone area should be a light, neutral shade without too much color.
    The lid can range from a light, neutral to a rich, bright color.
    Line the upper and lower lash with a darker color for an alluring look.
    Now here is the real trick, use our non-latex sponges to blend the shadows to perfection.
  • How do I cover a tattoo?
    Get the Kryolan Dermacolor. Mix the colors to match your skin exactly and then finish with powder. It offers better concealer than most laser-removal treatments.
  • Do you have any Halloween Makeup?
    Tons. Check out the Special FX tab of our website.
  • How is Fastlash different from lengthening mascaras?
    Fastlash is not a liquid. It is a white polyester fiber that, when covered with mascara, actually adds length to the lash. People never cease to be amazed by its results. Beauty editors included.
  • I am getting married. What products do you recommend?
    First and foremost, Lip Chic. You will want your lipstick on throughout the whole reception and this is the product to do it. Second, we recommend our makeup remover wipes. Your new husband doesn't need you to initiate a 15 minute makeup removal process on your wedding night. Just one or two wipes and you are done. They are also great for the honeymoon. If you are not getting your makeup done by a professional, we highly recommend Fast Lash and the Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme Mini Palette. If you are getting married in hot or humid weather, also grab some Super Matte Antishine (which will work throughout ceremony and reception and is great on the men!) and La Femme Brow Control.
  • What type of primer is best for my skin type?
    Try Numeric Proof's Moisturizing Base. Also, if you have oily skin, try putting on a thin dab of Face to Face Matte Antishine before applying your foundation.
  • What foundation works best for my dry skin?
    We would probably recommend the Joe Blasco. Before applying foundation, be sure to moisturize well with a product such as our super popular Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre.
  • What is the best foundation?
    This is a tough one. One of our most popular is the RCMA creme foundations. They come in an array of colors, contain no lanolin oil and are used by celebrities such as Beyonce. They offer very good coverage without looking caked on.

    Another great option is the Visiora line. It is a bit more expensive, but this product is one of the few things artists tend to splurge on. It is light on the skin but offers coverage that can hold up to even television lighting.
  • I need an excellent concealer, what do you recommend?
    Many of our artists use Kryolan Dermacolor, which is a camoflauge creme and not a concealer. (The difference being that you match a camouflage creme to your skin color exactly, concealers you tint opposing colors to the blemish. For example, you would use an orange based concealer to get rid of a blue problem, such as dark under eye circles.) We also like Joe Blasco neutralizing cremes. They are a bit more buttery, so if you have drier skin these work well. Another option is the Numeric Proof concealers.
  • Does Lip Chic work?
    Many of the makeup artist purchase Lip Chic Lipstick Sealer to use on all of their clients. There is nothing worse than making up a bride just to find her lipstick end up all over her veil and her new groom. CNN news tested several sealers on the market and rated Lip Sealers. Lip Chic has always been at the top of the list. Works on lipsticks, but if you wait for it to dry completely you can add a layer of gloss over it.
  • Will your products make me break out?
    All of our products are professional-grade, meaning we do not add unnecessary fragrance or oils (or packaging for that matter). They are used on millions of people, many who are celebrities minutes from being photographed or filmed. It is a top priority of our manufacturers that they are free of ingredients that commonly cause skin irritation or acne.