Topstick TOPSTICK® PLUS “A” CURVE - Clear Toupee Tape

Shades  | $8.00
Clear, double-sided, self-adhesive tape in curved strips to easily fit the front of the hairpiece. Stronger and more aggressive than regular TOPSTICK® for extra hold and extended wear. Lasts up to 14 days! Latex-free.

UPC: 182446000155

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product details

1/2″ x 3″ curved strips for use on the edges of the hairpiece. The back liner of the strip has a slit for easy opening. 25 pieces.

how to use

Apply strip to the tape tab or perimeter of the hairpiece. Can be applied to the entire hairpiece interior for a secure hold. For narrow areas and smaller hairpieces, trim to shape as needed.


Hypo-allergenic tape, latex-free adhesive.