Z Palette Medium Deep Z Palette Black

Shades  | $17.00

The Medium Deep Z Palette is an extra-deep empty magnetic palette made to fit baked blushes, bronzers, and even brushes and hair accessories like duck bill clips and bobby pins. It’s perfect for making personalized palettes for actors, clients, or yourself! Save space on your vanity or makeup station by folding the clear window completely under the bottom portion while using it.

Outside: 6.68" L x 4.125" W x 0.68" D
Inside: 5.875" L x 3.25" W x 0.375" D

16pcs of magnetic Metal Stickers (8pcs Round, 8pcs Square)

Empty Square or Round Makeup Pans are available for making concealer, lipstick and cream color palettes.

UPC: 713757262514

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