Z Palette Extra Large Z Palette Black

Shades  | $30.00

Customize, organize, and simply your pro kit with the Extra Large Z Palette. It has a magnetic base that easily holds up to 35 pressed powder products in standard-sized makeup pans and is a great option for fitting different shapes and sizes from various brands. The transparent window on the lid also saves time, allowing you to find the palette you need quickly—a big plus on a busy shoot day.

Outside: 8.25" L x 6.19" W x 0.56" D
Inside: 7.38" L x 5.25" W x 0.25" D

20pcs of magnetic Metal Stickers (10pcs Round, 10pcs Square)

Empty Square or Round Makeup Pans are available for making concealer, lipstick and cream color palettes

UPC: 689076226714

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