Christine Sciortino Makeup Artistry For Film and Television

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Makeup Artistry for Film and Television by Christine Sciortino is a must-have book for students and aspiring makeup artists interested in working in TV and film production. It’s also an excellent reference for seasoned pros who want to brush up on their skills or expand their work horizons.


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Through personal stories, interviews, demonstrations, and insights from Sciortino and her colleagues, this book explores the business of makeup artistry, including tailoring a resume, building a kit, self-marketing, breaking down a script, researching and creating makeup looks, working as part of a production team, and different ways to get paid.

This comprehensive guide has tons of information and step-by-step application tutorials that you’ll have right at your fingertips! Including:
Section 1: Behind the Scenes covers business aspects, including marketing, contracts, various makeup department roles, on-set etiquette, and proper sanitation.
Section 2: Theory contains chapters on technical knowledge like color theory, understanding lighting and camera, anatomy, and skin science.
Section 3: Technique includes step-by-step tutorials of the various techniques that every TV and Film makeup artist needs to know: shade-matching, color correction, facial hair application, out-of-kit special effects, burns, age makeup, and more.
Essential reading and education for anyone working towards success in the industry!