Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray, Bridal

Shades  | $29.00

The Makeup Finishing Spray Bridal formula is designed to withstand excessive heat and moisture. The patented cooling technology forms a breathable protective layer, allowing moisture to evaporate off the skin instead of causing makeup to melt, slide, fade, or crease. This lightweight mist also reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines while it keeps makeup in place and looking fresh for up to 16 hours. Not just for brides,- it's perfect for anyone performing under hot lights or the pressure of a very important event. Kiss-proof, cry-proof, and sweat-proof!

How To Use:
Apply after the makeup application is finished.
Shake the product well.
Close your eyes and hold the bottle 8 to 10 inches away and spray over the entire face in a "T" and "X" motion.

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