Ardell Knot-Free individual Eyelashes

Shades  | $4.50

Make a grand entrance with a truly unique lash look! Glam it up your way with the Ardell Knot-Free Naturals Duralash Individuals. Each lovely faux lash pack includes 56 luxuriously long-length, knot-free clusters. Now you can customize your lash looks to your heart’s content. Perfect for building the volume you want. Go full glam or add a little spice here and there, it’s always your call! Be simply stunning tonight as you let the good times roll!

UPC: 074764652829

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Knot-Free Invisiband® Fit: This is a no-knot zone! The Ardell Knot-Free Naturals Duralash Individuals feature seamless knot-free. This means you get a fit invisible, light and comfy. No one’s going to believe you’re wearing falsies…especially you! Get all these thanks to Ardell’s patented Invisiband® technology.