Monda Studio Multifunctional Trolley Case, 350

Shades  | $340.00

This durable case has been called a Hair & Makeup Favorite due to it's easy access, wonderful storage capacity and endless organizing posibilities. Dimensions are 15x11x17'' and the case itself weighs 16 lbs. There are 8 removable large plastic interlocking drawers, a zippered mesh pocket that is 15x9". There is a deep 14x10x4" well that is lined with inner mesh pockets. The drawers measure 9x5x2", there are 2 vertical zip pockets that are 5x2x10" and there is a tissue box holder with 2 brush holders on either side. There is 1 horizontal zip pocket that measures 10x2x5" and there is a front flap zipper pocket that is 13x10".


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