Terri Tomlinson The Flesh Tone Fan

Shades  | $20.00
The Flesh Tone Fan is a new version of the Flesh Tone Color Wheel®, providing an up-close, active experience for determining skin tone and using color theory to custom blend or adjust foundation shades for the perfect match.


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product details

While The Flesh Tone Color Wheel® shows the full spectrum of skin tones at a glance, the Flesh Tone Fan™ allows you to fan out individual “blades” so you can hold it up to the skin of your client to determine skin tone, see how neutrals look against the skin, create color stories and even choose the perfect wall paint. An invaluable tool for makeup artists and color perfectionists!

The Flesh Tone Fan™ blades are assembled on a key ring with a vegan leather strap for secure holding while you work, and it also comes with a white cotton drawstring bag for storage.

how to use

The Flesh Tone Fan™  is shipped unassembled to prevent damage. To put it together, simply unwrap the fan blades and attach to the C ring on the strap.