B3 Balm Beauty Wand

Shades  | $125.00

The Beauty Wand combines multiple technologies enabling you to clean, massage, and rejuvenate your skin—everything you need for your daily routine with just one tool!
Galvanic ionization is a safe and gentle electric current that assists in removing excess build-up of dirt and impurities deep inside the pores.
Micro-vibrations promote improved elasticity, enhance cellular metabolism, and enable better product absorption.
Warm Massage helps to increase blood flow and circulation for plumper-looking skin and a healthy glow.
Red and Blue Lightare clinically proven to improve the look of elasticity, reduce the appearance of texture and inflammation, and bring balance to the skin’s oil production.

Each wand comes with a USB charging cable and a plastic ring for holding cotton pads.
How To Use:
Read the enclosed instructions to use the B3 Beauty Wand safely and effectively.


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