Alcone Company Pros-Aide Adhesive

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Pros-Aide Adhesive is ideal for use with prosthetic appliances because it's strong, flexible and waterproof. It's non-toxic and safe for all skin types although areas such as the neck, back and chest can be more sensitive and should be handled with extra care.



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WARNING: Pros-Aide can freeze in very cold temperatures and become unusable. Be sure to store properly.

How To Use:
Start with clean, dry skin.
Apply Pros-Aide to both the skin and the appliance.
Once tacky, place the appliance carefully as the surfaces with Pros-Aide will immediately stick to create a strong bond that cannot be moved or respositioned without a remover.

To Remove:
Use Pros-Aide Remover, Detachol or Ben Nye Bond Off.
Soak the appliance with remover until the solvents loosen the adhesive so it can be safely removed without damaging the skin.
Avoid excessive rubbing to hurry the process as this may also cause irritation.