Temptu Pro Plus Compressor

Shades  | $215.00

TEMPTU Pro Plus Airbrush Compressor is TEMPTU's most versatile and portable professional dual-action airbrush compressor for complete flexibility in application, maintenance, and convenience. The Pro Plus gives artists the flexibility to apply custom-blended or pre-filled ready-to-use makeup – as it is designed to work with any single or dual-action top-feed airbrush, such as the SP-35, the Airpod Pro and the Airpod cartridge system.

For maximum convenience and little to no cleaning, the Pro Plus works with the Airpod Pro, a reusable and disposable single-action top-feed airbrush, and all Airpod Makeup contained in disposable, pre-filled cartridges. The Pro Plus is designed with a built-in internal regulator and air release valve to work with any advanced, dual-action airbrush gun (e.g., SP-35). For a professional system, it is also portable, weighing only 1 lb. The Pro Plus is recommended for beauty and light bodywork.

This compressor weighs only 1 lb with a maximum PSI of 30. The Pro Plus Compressor is compatible with SP-35 and SP-40 Airbrush Guns, Airpod, and Airpod Pros when used with Airpod Airbrush Gun for Pro Plus (sold separately). The compressor ships including an A/C Adapter, Delux Flex Hose, Airbrush Cradle, and Clear Makeup bag. Complete with a one-year warranty and a 45-day Money Back Guarantee.

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