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Leopara Makeup Lighting System

Leopara is a patent-pending, 360° lighting system that's compact, wireless & attaches to ANY mirror for flawless makeup application wherever you go!
Each System contains:
4 Wireless GlamPanels Lighting Blocks
4-in-1 USB Charging Cord
Carry Case
Quick Start Guide
1-Year Warranty

What are GlamPanels??
The Leopara Makeup Lighting System includes 4 LED The GlamPanels that feature 5000k (Kelvins) Daylight White LEDs that mimic natural light and deliver the ideal color temperature for beauty and grooming. Cross-illumination gets rid of unwanted shadows, so that you can apply makeup effectively and beautifully.
And how do they stick so magically?
Using Nanosuction technology, the GlamPanels attach and detach to any mirror for unlimited uses. And if the GlamPanel ever stops sticking, roll the backing with a lint roller to remove dust and debris. If there is makeup or oil on it, wipe with a damp cloth, let dry then reapply.
And it all fits in this fabulous case?! Whether you're heading to an exotic waterfront bungalow or a romantic weekend away, your LEOPARA custom-designed carry case will travel beautifully alongside you. Wrapped in sophisticated PU Leather with a custom molded tray and zipper pocket, this compact case will protect your lighting system and fit in your purse, carry-on, gym bag, etc.
Your beauty routine, your rules. Just #glamsetgo
Leopara is lighting that goes with you.
Leopard Luxe, Set
$ 89.00
$ 89.00
Luxury lighting in a gorgeous Leopard print case.
Onyx Chrome, Set
$ 89.00
$ 89.00
The Leopara Onyx Set is luxury lighting on the go in a chic black case.
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