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Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix O2

Make Up For Ever's iconic, pro-loved makeup setting spray, reimagined to provide 23% more hydration than ever before. This new formula, which can also be used to prep and refresh the skin, contains 90% pure water, pvp polymer and our O2 skin complex to create an invisible barrier that improves makeup wear while caring for the skin.
This makeup sealer is an alcohol-free spray to prep, set & refresh so it's travel friendly and easy on the skin! Featuring instant hydration up to 63% and 12 hour makeup staying power, this is bound to be one of your favorite setting sprays. • New PVP polymer ensures perfect makeup adherence while remaining flexible and comfortable on skin. The O2 skin complex with nasturtium extract helps boost cellular oxygenation and skin radiance. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested
100 ml., 3.3 oz.
30 ml., 1 oz.
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