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Kevyn Aucoin, The Molten Liquid Lip Topcoat

A comfortable long-wearing topcoat that compliments any lipstick color and does not feather or bleed. The two prismatic shades can also be worn alone or mixed together for a holographic effect. Multi-dimensional pearls illuminate lips with the most intense pigments for a voluminous 3D reflection. Soft moisture-rich formula melts weightlessly onto lips and locks in an opalescent shine.
Use the Topcoat over one of our 6 Molten Metal Lip shades or lipstick to customize color. Create a holographic effect by accentuating all shades with a polychromatic shine. For a natural prismatic effect, mix both topcoat shades and press onto the lips with finger.
Net Weight: 4.12 mL/0.14 FL. OZ. LIQ. US
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Cyber Opal
Cyber opal is a universal pink gold mix that will add shimmer and moisture to every lip color.
Cyber Sky
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Cyber Sky is a gorgeous sheer cool toned gloss that will make teeth look whiter and lip colors shimmer with an opalescent blue!
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