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Cozzette Eye Lining Brushes

Cozzette's Lining Brushes are incredible options for quickly whipping out a fantastic eye liner. These brushes don't rely on an angle that limits the versatility of the brush, but in stead filter down to fine tips to make lining the eyes, and lips easy and leave the versatility for graphic work if you want!
Cozzette Brushes, P365 Stylist Designer, Series P
A wicked little brush that is capable of painting fine to medium size lines with ease and precision on the face or body. This brush is amazing for the application of concealer and lip color as well. Created with our new Black Silk fiber that is the softest fiber available to care for delicate skin.
Cozzette Brushes, P373 Extreme Detailing, Series P
An extreme take on the eyeliner brush. Streamlined dagger shape precisely perfect to create graphic lines on the face or body. Perfect for use with liquid eyeliner to create a bold accent to the eyes.
Cozzette Brushes, P375 Stylist Eyeliner, Series P
A makeup brush created with streamlined precision that is capable of producing the finest of lines and details. Perfect for use with liquid eyeliner to create a delicate or graphic feature to the eyes.
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