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RCMA Color Process Foundation MB Series

A formula made by makeup artists and used by artists and celebrities worldwide. This Foundation was developed by renowned makeup artist Vincent J-R Kehoe. As President and Director of the Research Council of Make-up Artists, he designed and produced a foundation that has been the choice of professionals and celebrities. In addition, RCMA can be used without water or with. This foundation is so pigmented, that when you apply with a wet sponge, you can even out the skin tone and get a very natural look. Because it has no lanolin or mineral oil, it is great for oily skin! Fragrance-free.
The MB series is unlike all the other series in that it does not ascend in any order. These are darker shades, all with different tones.
MB-1 through MB-4 all have orange undertones. MB-5 and MB-6 both have reddish undertones, while MB-7 has a deep yellow base, and MB-8 has more black in it.