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TEMPTU Air is the first cordless airbrush makeup device for instant, effortless skin perfection that anyone can use. TEMPTU's patented technology uses less makeup and delivers more complete coverage than makeup brush application. Airpods sold separately.

Airbrush Makeup has never been easier, as efficient or full of flexibility and convenience as it is now. Say hello to the TEMPTU Air, the game-changing airbrush beauty device that every artist should have in their toolkit. It looks tiny, but this handheld, rechargeable, cordless airbrush device packs a powerful punch when it comes to transforming your day-to-day makeup artistry.

The TEMPTU Air offers a quick and simple application while simplifying Airbrush technology. With the TEMPTU Air, there is no need to break down a gun, or clean needles, allowing for a faster makeup application.

TEMPTU Air: The 101
This miracle-worker offers three-speed settings: light, medium, and full – and a specially-engineered SoftTouch Control for laser precision control over detail work, buildable coverage, and the ability to quickly cover large areas of the body. Seamless application with only air and makeup for the perfect airbrush finish without harmful butane or propellants. TEMPTU Air is faster, simpler, and more hygienic than a traditional application with brushes, sponges or fingers.

Powered by the smallest air compressor available, TEMPTU Air offers reduced vibration and noise for a smoother, lighter airflow and more pleasant experience for clients. A unique motor creates a more consistent, even airflow with less overspray for a smoother, more uniform, and flawless finish. An ergonomic handheld design, weighing only 8.9 ounces, the Temptu Air is comfortable to use during long days on the job or at home.
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