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DaBlot Makeup Palette Sheets

The DaBlot™ Makeup Palette Sheets pad can be used on a table or a counter top. You can even toss it in a set bag. It is great in combination with the DaBlot™ Mini Cosmetic Palette. The flap- proof technology makes this a steady, effective tool when mounted on the hand palettes. Dab.Blot.Go!™

Features: Provides a clean surface for your cosmetic products. Use on a flat counter or mounted on the DaBlot™ Mini Cosmetic Palettes. Flap-proof technology helps you maintain control. The compact size makes the pads great travel companions. For use with makeup, hair and skin products.

Benefits: Supports a quick and sanitary application on-the-go. Clean up is fast and easy. When using adhesives, allows for easy cleanup.

Directions For Use: Gently remove the top cardboard cover. Take the paper backing off of the double stick tape on the back of the pad. Firmly press the pad's taped side onto the cup or bottom section of the DaBlot™ Mini Cosmetic Palette. We suggest aligning the top edge of the pad with the top edge of the Mini. Place your cream or gel product on the sheet. Proceed with your service using the applicator tool of choice.

* Always be careful to remove only the used top sheet. Disturbing the bond of the lower sheets will compromise the flap-proof feature of the pad!
DaBlot Makeup Palette Sheets
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