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MYKITCO. My Brush Buddy Base

When MYKITCO.™ invented the original MY BRUSH BUDDY™ back in 2015 they wanted to give artists a new way to store and carry their brushes.
Their innovation continues with an exciting new addition, extending the versatility of your Brush Buddy, whilst also being a practical addition to your kit as a stand-alone set bag.
Designed specifically to house MY BRUSH BUDDY™ or MY BIG BRUSH BUDDY™.
Made from super durable canvas and PVC, they've added multi purpose pockets either side, as well as a super handy tool pouch which opens fully flat to make your set life easier. Interchangeable handles allow you to hand or shoulder carry the bag, which is fully lined with PVC ensuring this is a clean and hygienic addition to your makeup kit.
MY BRUSH BUDDY™, MY BIG BRUSH BUDDY™ or any Makeup Products shown not included. Price includes MY BRUSH BUDDY BASE + Handle + Shoulder Strap + PVC Side Bag (perfect for use with MY BRUSH BUDDY)
MYKITCO. My Brush Buddy Base
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