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Kryolan 24 Shade Aquacolor Palette

Kryolan Aquacolor has long been a go-to for body painters and makeup artists alike. This glycerine based formula can be easily activated with water for a full coverage finish applicable from beauty to special effects and everything in between! Unfortunately we cannot ship Kryolan Products outside the United States.
AC, Palette
$ 93.00
$ 93.00
The AC Palette from Kryolan is a delightful range of all colors that is perfect for face and body painters, theatrical performers, and hobbyists alike.
K, Palette
$ 93.00
$ 93.00
The K Palette is ideal for face painters and body painters aline. The range of shades vary from character flesh tones, to metallics with primary shades and toners in between.
N, Palette
$ 93.00
$ 93.00
Kryolan's N palette features a range of shades from skin tones from character colors. This much-loved palette is a theatrical go-to perfect for costuming and face painting.
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