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Cozzette Brushes

The Cozzette brush line was created by makeup artist Roque Cozzette. The Cozzette brushes are made from soft synthetic bristles with wooden handles, dipped in purple lacquer which are made from renewable resourced timber. The bristles are cut to mimic natural hair to give perfect make up application. These beautiful brushes are vegan cruelty free.
Cozzette Brushes, D220 Pencil, Series D
$ 16.00
$ 16.00
The Pencil Brush is sharply pointed to provide ultimate definition with the eyes.
Cozzette Brushes, P370 Stylist Lip Brush, Series P
$ 17.00
$ 17.00
The Stylist Lip Brush's oblong paddle is amazing for applying lip color and concealer with ultimate control!
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