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Cozzette Blush & Contour Brushes

Cozzette's Blush and Contour Brushes are just as vegan and cruelty-free as the rest of their line, but each will provide a beautiful blend and a fantastic soft shade.
Cozzette Brushes, S123 Diamond Stylist, Series S
A stylishly pointed shape facilitates the perfect blend. Experience total versatility while applying powders, creams and liquids. The cylinder shape of this stylists’ favorite is ideal to reach smaller areas that a large brush often misses. Set or blend seamlessly.
Cozzette Brushes, S135 Contour Stylist, Series S
This densly packed contour brush can apply and simultaneously blend contour colors to sculpt the face to perfection!
Cozzette Brushes, S145 Perfect Contour Brush, Series S
The Perfect Contour Brush is truly perfect. The brush density is medium to full, allowing for simultaneous application and blending capability, while the fibers themselves add coverage and seamlessly blend.
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