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Alcone Company Make-up Spatulas

Avoid cross-contamination caused by using fingers and double-dipping brushes into products in jars, pots, and foundation or color palettes. Using a spatula is more sanitary and allows you to move products onto a clean mixing palette for blending, mixing, or thinning as needed. They're also great for sculpting, shaping, and smoothing effects materials. The metal spatula is a fantastic tool for professional or home use and will last a long time with proper care. The pack of disposables helps maintain hygienic practices when working with multiple clients and when using several products and colors.
Bag of 25, Plastic
Disposable spatulas are great for maintaining a hygienic makeup station when there's not enough time to disinfect your metal spatula between clients or dips.
Long Paddle, Metal
A Metal Spatula is an essential tool for any pro kit. Use it to help maintain clean products and to mix, blend, and sculpt!
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